Deciding Whether An Open Floor Plan Is Right For You?

Are you considering an open floor plan for your home?

You’re not alone!

Open floor plans have grown in popularity over the last few decades, especially among homeowners looking to create a sense of spaciousness and interconnectedness between living spaces. But before taking the plunge and opting for an open concept layout, it pays to understand exactly what you’re getting into with this type of design. In this blog post Blue Lotus Homes' discuss how to evaluate if an open floor plan is right for you—from exploring the pros and cons, tips on interior decoration, advice from other industry professionals and friends in home decor, and more. Read on to uncover everything you need to know about this popular style trend!

The main benefits of an open floor plan are that it creates a feeling of spaciousness, encourages social interaction between family members and friends, enhances flow of natural available light throughout the home, and can make entertaining easier. Parents with little kids find this style much easier to keep an eye out on them. However, there are some drawbacks that should be considered too. For instance, privacy can be limited depending on where certain rooms are located within the house. Additionally, if exposed to too much sunlight or noise from outdoors or other rooms in the house, it can make relaxing difficult. It is also harder to control temperature levels throughout the home due to lack of barriers between living areas which may require additional HVAC units or costlier energy bills. Last but not the least is that this floor plan gives an easy passage to the smells and flavors arising from the kitchen when cooking.

So coming back to 'Should I or Should I Not' an open floor plan; here are some decorating tips that may help you decide better.

When decorating an open floor plan home it’s important to keep in mind that furniture placement plays a huge role in creating separation between spaces without obstructing sight lines or limiting airflow. A great way to do this is by using area rugs under seating areas such as couches or chairs; this will help delineate different “zones” within the room while still allowing for an unobstructed view of the entire space. Rugs help subdue noise levels which is a huge help in open concepts. “Cohesive” is the word you will hear a lot from fellow designers if you choose to hire one. We at Blue Lotus Homes always suggest to stick with neutral color scheme to create that effective cohesive look. Adding tall wall cabinets and storage brings about a whole level of creativity mixed with functionality. While cohesive is stressed upon, many mix this term with identical / same / matching. Cohesive does not mean that. You can create different zones of your space to have its own character with an easy flow of elements complimenting each other from one area to another. Additionally, hanging curtains can provide some privacy when needed without blocking out natural light or creating visual clutter. Finally, make sure that any furniture pieces you choose are appropriate for both size and scale; oversized pieces can easily overwhelm smaller spaces while too many smaller items can create chaos by cluttering up available space. 

Advice From Industry Professionals: For more insights into designing a functional yet aesthetically pleasing open floor plan home we reached out to several experienced interior designers who offered their top tips on how best to utilize space while maintaining a cohesive look throughout the entire house:   - Choose furniture pieces that are lightweight but sturdy so they can be easily rearranged when necessary - Separate zones with strategically placed plants or decorative accessories like wall art - Paint walls in neutral colors like white or grey so they don’t overpower any particular area - Incorporate texture into each zone by adding textiles like rugs or throws  - Utilize adjustable lighting fixtures like sconces or pendant lights which can be adjusted depending on desired ambiance within each area. With these tips in hand you’ll be able to transform your open floor plan into a well-designed sanctuary perfect for entertaining guests or simply enjoying quality time with family!

Final words of designing wisdom from Blue Lotus Homes: Open floor plans have become increasingly popular over recent years due their versatility and ability to create connection between living areas while still promoting a sense of spaciousness throughout an entire home. But before taking the plunge into this type of layout it pays first weigh both its pros and cons as well as consider expert advice from interior designers who specialize in creating successful designs within these types of houses. By keeping these points in mind homeowners will be able set themselves up for success when designing their own unique take on an open concept layout! Still need help with your open concept? Contact us at Blue Lotus Homes and get expert help no matter which part of the globe you may be in. We provide virtual / online interior designing services.

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