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    Watering Can Birdhouse
    Queen Anne Birdhouse
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    Decorative Hanging Bird Feeder
    La Paz Coffee Pot Birdhouse
    Mint Green Tea Pot Birdhouse
    Saltbox Metal Birdhouse
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    Milk Can Birdhouse
    Silo Birdhouse
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    Beach Bungalow Birdhouse
    Always Home Bird Lighthouse
    Hanging Hut Birdhouse
    Retro Camper Birdhouse
    Happy Camper Metal Birdhouse
    Bungalow Birdhouse
    Birdhouse and Welcome Sunflower Garden Stake
    Sunflower Birdhouse
    Americana Camper Hanging Birdhouse - BLUE LOTUS HOMES LLC
    Americana Camper Hanging Birdhouse
    Large Terra Cotta Hanging Birdhouse - BLUE LOTUS HOMES LLC
    Large Terra Cotta Hanging Birdhouse
    License Plate Birdhouse

    Breathe new life into gardens and outdoor living space by offering our feathered friends a welcome spot to quench their thirst. We have some unique designs of bird houses, bird baths and bird feeders; when installed in your yard will help you connect to nature.

    Many birds raise more than one nest of baby birds each year and when the weather changes in the fall and winter months, non-migratory birds seek out birdhouses to shield themselves from harsh weather. 

    Whether you're an avid bird watcher, or are just looking to add to your outdoor decor and ambiance, bird houses are great buys.