Bohemian (Boho) decor is often associated with people in the arts and deeply connected to nature. Decorating your homes with the bohemian style is a great way to celebrate the beauty of nature and give back to our eco system.

    Also referred as "Boho" style, is a rule-breaking, personal, and exotic style of decorating a living space.

    Feel free to mix patterns and textures, lots of plants and succulents and don't be afraid to use styles that would not necessarily go together in a conventional way.

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    Three Hand Painted Metal Planters with Tray Bottoms - One Of Each Color
    Macrame Wreath Ornament - Box of 4
    Ceramic Hanging Sun Face Planter
    Low Round Grey Willow Lantern With Glass, Large
    Tall Grey Willow Lantern With Glass, X-Large
    Artificial Eucalyptus In A Cement Pot
    Hanging Woven Seagrass Wrapped Bottle
    Wooden Garland With Clothes Pin
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    Woven Rush Round Ottoman
    Wood and Macramé Napkin Holder
    Black And Ivory Dipped Clay Circle Wall Planters, Set Of 2
    Grey Willow Lantern With Glass, Medium
    Antique Brass Finish Bells, Set Of 3
    Rattan Tree Stand Basket, Set of 2
    Tall Grey Willow Lantern With Glass, Large
    Ceramic Abstract Face Planters, Set Of 2
    Wash Your Hands Kantha Pillow
    Worn Slap Out Kantha Pillow
    Goldenrod Woven Kejur Leaf
    Natural Woven Kejur Leaf
    Tear Drop Natural Hogla Leaf With Stem
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    Woven Round Seagrass Ripple Side Table
    Rattan Baskets, Set of 2
    Travelers Palm Artificial Tree In Boho Chic Handmade Natural Cotton Woven Planter With Tassels, 4’
    Bamboo Tray, Set of 2
    Bamboo/Terra Cotta Basket/Pot Holder, Set of 6, 5"H
    Bamboo Round Woven Tray, Set of 3
    Clay Canisters With River Rock And Sisal Detail, Set Of 2
    Palm Hand Brooms With Wooden Handles
    Seagrass Fan
    Framed Face Prints Under Glass, Set Of 3
    Painted Metal Peace Sign Hand Wall Hanging
    Sold Out
    River Rock Tic-Tac-Toe On Woven Rush Game Board
    Decorative Balls, Set Of 6
    Tall Grey Square Willow Lantern, Large
    Glass Cloche With Wicker Base, Large
    Boho Chic Wood Macramé Shelf With Diamond Weave, 22”
    Handmade Macramé Wall Hanging With Wooden Shelf, 14” X 24”
    Boho Chic Wood Macramé Single Shelf Woven Beads Wall Art Décor, 24"
    Gold Metal Flower Accent Wall Mirror, 26”